Tacos La Brooklyn       by Joel Ulloa
World Premiere, Latino Theater Co. at LATC, presents in association with East West Players

Projection Design Award- Tacos La Brooklyn (nomination), Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle, 2023
Director | Fidel Gomex
Scenic | Natalie Morales
Costume | Maria Catarina-Rodrigous
Lighting | Pablo Santiago
Projection | Hsuan-Kuang Hsieh
Animation | Wei-Fang Chang
Sound | John Zalewsiki

"Social media is more and more present in movies, streaming, and theaters large and small, and not always so effectively employed. Hsuan-Kuang Hsieh did a memorable job of creating a social media-saturated world beautifully blended into the action on stage by director Gomez."
- People's World, ‘Tacos La Brooklyn’ centers cultural identity: Who appreciates and who appropriates? 

"The night market is a bustling space, with patrons rushing on and off to sample the wares. Even more traffic-y is the web where social media influencers blast out their likes and troll-ish quips. By virtue of a series of  jazzy projections designed by Hsuan-Kuang Hsieh"

"The digital projections and video made this a unique experience. The foreign languages are captioned in a very artistic way, it was mind-blowing."
- The Hollywood Times, Tacos LA Brooklyn, by Juan Markos​​​​​​​