Hello00 :)
this is Hsuan-Kuang. I'm the artist behind isyet image
 I have been designing video projection and animation for events and live performances for nearly 10 years. It's an awesome journey to create a visual story to WOW the audience! 
In the past years, I have been working closely with artists and directors in various creative fields, such as: films, concerts, exhibitions, theaters, marketing, VR and print making. 
Experimenting and collaging is my key style. I am interested in mixing various medium and techniques to explore new ways of storytelling. Through out my practice, I have used new technology, puppetry, performance, sculpturing, stop-motion and analog film printing to bring an idea to life.

I hold my MFA at California Institute of the Arts. 

What's more? 
➤   I volunteer in WAPOW, a seasonal magazine which fights to preserve the uniqueness of the L.A.        Chinatown community and their neighborhood.
➤   I find time to make art, experimental film and video installation. It's a slow process, but some              of my projects have been shown around the world. 
➤ I am also a freelance writer for Initium Media, a Hong Kong based media platform. The most       
     recent story I wrote is about SKY (a MMO mobile game by thatgamecompany) and the current
     game policy in China. 
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