Oslo Freedom Forum

4 Channels Outdoor LED Walls Installation
Spikersuppa Park, Norway
Design, concept, copyright to NightLight Labs

Project Background
4 Channels Outdoor LED screens featuring more than 40 Oslo Freedom Forum selected activists, including political cartoonists, visual artists, street artists, photographers, illustrators, poets, performing artists and more. Nightlight Labs was asked to curate, design and animate each program following these categories. Each program is 6- 10 mins long and contains 4 channels of videos to showcase activists' artworks, photographs and quotes through out the 3 days event.   ​​​​​​​

LED screens setup in Spikersuppa Park, Norway

Design Process
▸ Curating and selecting works from huge volume of arts and photographs. We wanted to showcase the diversity of each activist yet to remain cohesive visual and only select the best work to represent them.
▸ The overall aesthetic of animation needs to in line with Oslo Freedom Forum's brand. Using the original line design and gradient color from OFF logo, we created various animated video transition between each image.  
▸ Making sure the image on each channel can stand along yet speak to each other. The timing of video transitions needs to create a fluid visual flow between each channel.
Video Content
Below are the screen captures from the 8 programs I curated and animated: street art, visual art, mural, illustration and photojournalism-On Site.  
Activists include: Ganzzer, Mohammed Ali, Pasha Cas, Azza Abo Rebieh, Oistein, Rayma Suprani, United for Iran, Joel Bergner, Zunar,  Shahidual Alam, Raed Fares, Jason Florio, Bassam Khabieh, Pete Pattisson. 
Screenshot from 4 video channels