The Chair Practice


Site-Specific Performance, Graphic, Video 48’24’’ (three chapters: "A Cigarette of Time", "A Permanent Waiting" and "A Strange Land" )

[Practice] : repeated exercise in or performance of an activity or skill "


Body and Chair Typography 



The Chair Practices is an image diary documenting the interrelationship among body, chair and land around Los Angeles, in my third year of living in United State. Body as a sculpting tool, perceives and redefines the land. Through graphic and video, the Chair Practice expands the physicality further for the memory between body and site. The body typography as a proof for this evolution, carving myself in this foreign land. 






「椅子練習 The Chair Practice」以積極的態度透過身體表演,走入城市、融入街景企圖「坐落」一個家的模板,以表演寫真的現場性來詮釋身體與土地間的關係。為一為期兩個半月於美國加州:聖塔克拉利塔(Santa Clarita)及洛杉磯(Los Angeles)近郊,以身體與椅子交互寫生的影像日記,願回歸原始,以身體重新感知一個地方。練習,意謂一個不停反覆學習、調整、演化的過程,它包含時間、身體以及空間三種向度,拓展開的一連串習題。而這個過程需要一個中性的媒介:椅子,在此也視為身體之居所。「椅子練習」經由幅像(身椅文字、目錄條,平面數位輸出)、錄像(單頻道循環 48’24’’,三章節:一支煙的時光 (14’17’’)、一個永恆的等待 (20’22’’)、一席異地 (13’45’’)),記錄身體的轉變,並運用敘事手法勾勒、串連期間的心境推展,延宕出一連串姿態與城市之間的記憶與再詮釋。