Hsuan-Kuang Hsieh is a multidisciplinary artist, born and raised in Taiwan, currently living and working in Los Angeles. This dislocation from her homeland deeply influences the narrative of her work. While rediscovering her roots in Taiwanese heritage and history, her work explores the complexity of multicultural identity from a contemporary perspective, with particular attention to landscape as a source of identity. By juxtaposing these landscapes with personal objects, performance, and archival text and images, her work frames the metaphor of the human condition within the mirage of memory, media and reality.

Drawing from a background in photography and theatrical performance, her practice highlights the audience’s experience by framing the act of viewing as an action. She integrates emerging media, performance, installation, film, puppetry and hybrid forms of photo sculpture and text to create live, time-based experiences for her viewers.

Hsuan-Kuang's work has been shown in both national and international venues, ranging from theatres and festivals to galleries and museums. 

About her Video Projection Design

Hsuan-Kuang Hsieh is also a professional video projection designer, who has been working closely with director, filmmaker and choreographer to create immersive live performance in the past 10 years. She believes projection should exist as moving images that constantly evolve with actions on stage. More than indicating space and time or building textural atmosphere, her video is an active message supporting the storyline and echoing with characters. Her experimental approaches bring her aesthetic distinguished from other artists. Audience can find various medium be incorporated in her design, such as: cinematic imagery, analogue projection, shadow puppetry, live-feed operation and drawing, and interactive technology. Her work has been shown in YBCA, RedCat, The FORD, Kirk, Douglas Theater, LATC, 3LD Art and Technology, Ostrava Center for New Music and more.