Dust in the Wind

2017 (Work in Progress)
Site-Specific Sculpture, Slides Installation

1_Dust in the Wind_幻燈片擷取.jpg

The title "Dust in the Wind" is the English title of the Taiwanese film "戀戀風塵*".  It is a site-specific sculpture, photo documented on Elephant Hill** located in El Sereno, Los Angeles. Elephant Hill has been under constantly changing authority in the past years despite efforts to keep it ownerless.

The white flag can be seen as both a sign of surrender and also of a 'no man's land'. The images of the flag are played frame by frame on the slide projector, as it is flying or dragging in the wind against the silhouette of the hill.

As an immigrant in the U.S., my legal identity has changed 3 times within the past 5 years. I feel imprisoned by my legal status. The flag serves as a symbol of my emotional attachment to El Sereno, the place I’ve come to consider my home in Los Angeles. The silhouetted land in the image, by contrast, seen in a repeated loop of sequential imagery, could easily stand in for anywhere else in this planet. For me, it could be my homeland- Taiwan or any other land between here and there. 

The text between the images consists of the original English subtitle from the film: Dust in the Wind. In a way, my emotional state of mind as an immigrant is itself a perpetually incomplete translation. It is always a state of being in between, sometimes flying high, sometimes dragging low. 


「Dust in The Wind」取名至侯孝賢導演「戀戀風塵」的英譯片名,為半透明白旗的地景藝術之攝影紀錄,作為對家、對自我歸屬狀態的暫時性結論。此作品拍攝於我洛杉磯住所旁的土丘上,旗幟一方面可視為宣告土地主權之標誌,然而帶有顏色的白旗也意義象徵著協商、無主之地。透過放燈片的相片播放,旗幟緩慢地移動如逐格動畫,時而飛揚、時而沈墜。從台灣到洛杉磯,從一片地景到另一片景幕,黑色剪影的丘陵乍看之下可以是任何一處,那是一片任人命名的自由之地。而語言的英譯也如同地景的轉譯,在逐格旗幟的律動中返照出對家的情感流動與精神迴轉。

Subtitle from Taiwanese film "Dust in the Wind" 戀戀風塵 by Hou Hsiao-Hsien