Wild Winter Lights
Christmas Light Experience

LED Lights Animator
Waterfowl Lake day view
Waterfowl Lake day view
Waterfowl Lake Map
Waterfowl Lake Map
Project Background
NightLight Labs and DKL Light were committed to design part of Cleveland Metroparks Zoo's Christmas festival Wild Winter Lights at their lake area. The installation consists 10 LED Christmas trees and moving lights on the Waterfowl Lake surrounded by the forests with 360 viewing angles from the visitor path.
As a lead animator, working closely with project director and programmer, I animated the 10 trees that are synchronized with 4 Christmas songs. Each song we gave them different flavors and color palates (such as candy canes, ribbons, candles or traditional Christmas trees) to bring the holiday atmosphere to the audience.  
final design from three different viewing angles
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*the work belongs to NightLight Labs and DKL Light
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