From X.X.

since 2014
video, interactive device


From X. X.  is a video series, collaging images and sounds from different cities I've lived before. I wander and collect all the materials with my Iphone on a day to day based. I'm always fascinated, also frighten by the fact that how heavy we rely on mobile device nowadays. It is the most intimated object with us, which carries and creates our memories and down to every details of life. To access those datas is easy but how to review and digest all of them is difficult. In a way, the memories on the cloud are much larger and stronger than our own memory capacity. However, we barely take care of them. From X.X. is an image poetry, digging into both memory spaces of mine and finding balance in between the two.


The mobile device is not only a creative tool but also a display. Viewers are recommended to use their phones to see the work and should not be limited on locations. It can be on subway, in cafe, at home, or even on the bed. By creating a private viewing experience between people and their phone, I wish to draw back the intimacy with their own devices on an emotional level. 


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From M.A. (Morocco)
1.5 month of stay, March- April, 2017


From T.W. (Taiwan)
24 years of stay, 1988-2014


From N.Y. (New York)
3 months of stay, June- August, 2015